Natural Burials

In 2011, the NPDC established a natural burial ground in the Awanui Cemetery. The second of it’s kind in New Zealand.

Natural burial grounds offer individuals the option of interment employing the most environmentally friendly methods available.

Casket - Eco-Pine

The Key Concepts

The body is buried in the active layer of soil – less than 1m deep – and rapidly decomposes.

No harmful substances are introduced to the soil (these traditionally can come from caskets, normal embalming fluids and clothing).

The area is eventually returned to a natural bush setting (this means no headstones or memorials are allowed).

Requirements of a natural burial:


– Must use an approved casket.

– Body cannot be embalmed with traditional embalming fluids.

– No memorial (headstone) can be placed on the site.

We are fully supportive of families who opt for this method of burial and are a certified member of the national Natural Burials organisation.