Funeral Costs

The ways in which funerals are observed are changing fast. The choices available are many and varied, and there is no right or wrong way to say goodbye. But, as in all things, our choices may be determined by the costs involved.

The total cost of a funeral will vary depending on a number of factors, some of which you can change, and some you can’t – like the price of a burial plot which is dictated by your district or local authority.

*The prices listed below are current as at 1/7/2016 and are subject to change without notice.

Funeral Costs

There are a number of costs associated with a funeral, but in New Plymouth, you will generally only receive 2 invoices. One from us, which will include all fees and disbursements made on your behalf except the New Plymouth District Council Burial or Cremation fees. The District Council will send their account for these fees out separately to the nominated person or solicitor.

In special circumstances, such as Pre Paid funerals, we will include these fees as disbursements and pay the NPDC fees directly.

Of course, if you choose to use our Remembrance Chapel and Crematorium, this fee will be included in the main funeral account.


Typical Funeral Account Breakdown

Our Fees: 

Funeral Director’s Professional Fee:

Our professional fee includes some or all of the following services:

  • Taking instructions from the family,
  • Transporting the deceased
  • Preparing / embalming and dressing
  • Arranging the service,
  • Liaising with the florist, Minister / Celebrant, Organist, Piper, Bulgar, caterer etc.
  • Organising newspaper notices
  • Booking the Cemetery or Crematorium
  • Providing the correct authorities with the Medical Certificate, Cremation Certificates and Burial applications
  • Use of vehicles such as hearses
  • Use of facilities for Viewing, Services and Catering.


This fee also covers overheads such as our Office, Chapel and Reception facilities, vehicles, and 24hr on call staff.

In fairness to our clients, the Professional Fee is charged according to the facilities and services chosen. This means that sometimes our fee can vary greatly between services, depending on our involvement, time, and facilities that are used.

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A Warning about Fees & Quotes

A Warning About Professional Fees and Quotes:
Exactly what is included in the Professional Fee will vary slightly between funeral homes. Some may quote a lower professional fee, but then charge separately for things like hearse hire and embalming. When obtaining price information it is always very important to ask “what does that include” and “what doesn’t it include”.

Cremation Fee (Remembrance Chapel and Crematorium):
Our cremation fee is $750.00.

Casket:  Prices range from $795.00 for a basic stained customwood casket, up to several thousand dollars for a solid timber casket. We offer a casket display room to assist you with your decision. Click here to view our full range of caskets with prices.

Service Sheets:  We print our own service sheets allowing us more flexibility to alter details on short notice. From $3 per copy.

Memorial Book: These not only provide a record of attendance at the service, but also allow you to record personal details such as family members, and the funeral service details as well. $75-$100.

Slideshow: Like our service sheets, we prepare all our shows in house – $250.00 setup fee plus equipment hire – from $150.

Disbursements (prices include GST where applicable)

Organist: Organist fees vary, but in New Plymouth most charge between $100.00 and $150.00

Celebrants:  Celebrants and Ministers may spend 8 to 10 hours on preparing a funeral service. Their fees range from $250 to $550.

Flowers: The range of florists in New Plymouth make it very easy to cater for all tastes and budgets. For a traditional casket spray expect to pay anywhere from $200 up to $400 for a very large one.

Newspaper Notices: Once again these vary greatly, but an average figure is around $400. Outside papers can cost more than double the Daily News price. Some accounts have been in excess of $1000 just for Newspaper Notices!

Death Certificate: All deaths in New Zealand must be legally registered within 3 days of the funeral. We will do this for you and order a certificate on your behalf. Cost – $33. The Death Certificate is required before any legal work can commence, such as closing of bank accounts etc.

Catering: Caterers costs vary, but you can expect to pay between $9 and $12 per head for a standard “morning tea” style catering. You certainly get what you pay for, so it may pay to let us know if you want a full Lunch Menu or just a few sandwiches, cakes and savouries.

NPDC Council Fees (all include GST)

New Plymouth District Council fees: 
These are the Burial or Cremation Fees and are added to the Funeral Account.

For a full list of the NPDC fees and charges click here

Financial Assistance

WINZ Funeral Grant
When an adult or child dies, his or her spouse or parent can apply to Work and Income New Zealand for a lump sum contribution towards funeral costs. This grant is means tested and does not cover the full cost of a funeral. We can help you make this application and normally do so on your behalf. The current Funeral Grant is about $2000.00.

Accident Compensation
The ACC has a funeral grant available where the death is the result of an accident. We can assist you in making this application and normally do so on your behalf. the current ACC Funeral Grant is about $6000.00. Family members such as dependants may also be eligible for survivors grants and other forms of financial assistance.

Keeping the Costs Down

Funeral Services are becoming more and more elaborate, and therefore more costly to families but there are a number of things families can do to minimise funeral expenses:

Provide Your Own Flowers: These can be picked from your own garden or purchased from the supermarket and hand tied into a bunch. Saving – $90 to $200.

Provide Your Own Catering: Many organisations like bowling clubs and other groups like to help out at these times. Different venues have differing requirements for catering, and may even have a contracted caterer – so it’s best to contact them directly. Saving – $9 to $12 per person.

Print Your Own Service Sheets: Although this can be an arduous and difficult task, some people have the facilities or access to a photocopier and print their own. Saving – $2 to $3 per copy.

Use Of Own Vehicle: Some families will transfer their loved one themselves, especially if they are going to a marae or family home where the service will be held. Once a person is embalmed and placed in a casket there is no reason why families with access to a large station wagon (Ford / Holden size) or similar vehicle cannot take their loved one home. This is especially cost effective when traveling long distances as it saves on mileage charges.

Sometimes we are not even required on the day of the service as happens at some maraes – families will take their loved ones to the urupa themselves after the service. Savings depend on distances travelled.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about the costs associated with funerals.

We have a range of services to suit every budget and need

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Direct Cremation

The simplest farewell. This involves transferring the person directly to our crematorium as soon as possible.

from $2600

– Basic Cremation Casket

– Cremation Fee (The Remembrance Chapel and Crematorium)

– Death Certificate

– Doctor’s Medical Certificate

– Return of Ashes

Any changes to the above will incur extra charges.

Avaliable at additional cost

– Services outside of normal business hours

– Newspaper Notices

– Any mileage outside of our 20km radius (applies to both New Plymouth and Hawera)


Family Farewell

A small private family farewell that can be held in our hawera chapel, our crematorium chapel or even at home.

from $5500

– Cornwall Casket (Upgradeable)

– Medical Referee Fee

– Death Certificate

– Doctor’s Medical Certificate

– Viewing during Office hours

– Celebrant

– One short newspaper notice in the Daily News (limited to 10 lines)

– Free HeavenAddress online memorial and memorial candle

Public Farewell

Public Farewell

A public farewell catering for 60-80 people.

from $8500

– Devon Casket

– Medical Referee Fee

– Death Certificate

– Doctor’s Medical Certificate

– Viewing during office hours

– Celebrant Fee

– 80 Service Sheets

– Catering for 70 people

– Slideshow

– Memorial Book

– Casket flowers

– Two newspaper notices in the Daily News (limited to 20 lines)

– Free HeavenAddress online memorial and memorial candle

Chapel Two

Platinum Farewell

A large public farewell catering for around 100 people.

from $11000

– Regal Casket and matching urn

– Medical Referee Fee

– Death Certificate

– Doctor’s Medical Certificate

– Viewing during office hours

– Celebrant fee

– Organist fee

– 100 Service Sheets

– Catering for 100 people

– Slideshow

– Memorial Book

– Casket flowers

– Two newspaper notices in the Daily News

– Free HeavenAddress online memorial and memorial candle

– Webcast

Note: Funeral costs can vary greatly depending on individual choices. The prices above are indicative only and final costs may differ greatly. *The Family, Public and Platinum farewells do not include the Burial or Cremation fee.

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