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What should I do when a loved one dies?

Ring our funeral directors first, he/she will advise you exactly what to do next.

Why would someone need to go to the Coroner?

This occurs when there has been a sudden, unexpected or accidental death or there has been no recent contact with a doctor.

Do I have to have a religious ceremony?

No, this is purely a matter of personal preference.

May the Family choose the casket?

Yes, we have casket showrooms for personal selection.

Will we be given estimates of the Funeral Costs?

You can request a costing estimate at any time during the funeral arrangements.

What happens to the cremated remains?

Our funeral directors will collect the ashes for you, and will advise you of the choices available to you.

When is the Death Certificate available?

The certificate is usually available 7-10 days after the funeral.

Where can I have the Funeral Service?

There are a number of options available to you, our funeral directors can advise and make bookings for you.

How much does a funeral cost?

The funeral cost can vary considerably depending on personal preferences and choices.

If a death occurs at night do I have to call the funeral director immediately?

No, in fact people are choosing for the person to stay at home until family members arrive to say their goodbyes.

How do I know that the funeral home I choose is the right one?

By choosing a NZIFH member, you can be assured of high quality service during a difficult time.

What information is required to register the death?

In order to register the death your Funeral Director will need to know full name and address, occupation, place of birth, details of current and any previous marriages, ages of living children, and details about the parents.

Should children attend a funeral service?

The choice of whether children should attend the funeral may depend on the age of the child and the relationship with the person.

Do we get to choose what happens at the service?

Your Funeral Director can advise on options and ideas based on his/her experience and knowledge of the practicalities involved.

Who chooses between burial and cremation?

When the wishes of the person are known they are usually followed. If there is a will, the executor and/or the family will generally make that decision.

Is embalming necessary?

There are different preparation options available now – your funeral director can discuss these with you.

Should I view the person?

This is a personal decision although it can help with the grieving process.

What is meant by the term 'viewing'?

This means that the coffin is open so friends and family can see the body of the person.

Is the coffin always cremated?

Yes. During a cremation the casket is cremated too.

Can the funeral service take place outside of normal business hours?

Yes, we ensure the funeral can be held whenever you want.

Can we use granddads truck instead of a hearse?

Certainly can. Whatever suits you, suits us.

Is it ok for a family member to officiate at the funeral?

Yes, however we recommend that you allow us to arrange a professional funeral celebrant to guide the family member prior to the service.

Who can carry the casket?

Anyone you would like – friends, family. We suggest either 4 or 6 pallbearers.

What is a prearranged funeral?

A prearranged funeral is where funeral and service details are decided now, in discussion with a funeral director, and used at a later date.

What is a prepaid funeral?

A prepaid funeral is a financial arrangement whereby funds are held on behalf of a client until their death. The funds are then used to pay for some or all of the funeral costs.

How do I decide the value required in my funeral plan?

This depends on what type of funeral you want. Assembling your thoughts is made easier by talking with a Funeral Director. They will help you with decisions on all of the components of the funeral.

Can we get financial assistance for the costs of the funeral?

WINZ may contribute towards the costs of the funeral however, that depends on what money or assets the person had. Also ACC may help if the death was due to an accident. Visit Work & Income or ACC for more info.

Can I pay too much?

Any surplus funds are returned to the estate when the value exceeds the funeral expenses.

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