Caskets supplied by client families are welcome. They are subject to an assessment by the funeral director. The casket must meet the following criteria:

 1. The casket is constructed in a manner that is fit for purpose.
  • Strong enough to safely support the weight of the deceased.
  • Large enough to fit the deceased
  • Small enough to fit in a plot or cremator.
2. The materials used do not pose a risk to the environment following burial or cremation. For Example: No plastic or fiberglass for cremation.
3. The handles are strong enough to support the total weight when carrying the casket.
4. The design, shape and build quality must not pose a health and safety risk. For Example: No splinters or sharp edges/fixtures.
5. The casket must be lined in accordance with existing legislation.
6. It must have a completely flat bottom. This is to enable use of rollers in our vehicles and for loading into the cremator.


We accept NO liability for the payment of the casket. The transaction is between the client family and the casket seller.


We do NOT accept delivery of caskets directly from a casket retailer. The casket must be delivered directly to the client family who can then unpack, inspect, and store it. We are able to collect it from the family home should they wish – normal mileage and hourly rates apply.


We do not store caskets that families have sourced independently.

Lining and handles:

We are able to fit handles and line caskets supplied by family members – charges apply.

Right of refusal:

We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of a casket that breaches any of the above conditions.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about supplying your own casket