Funeral Trust Account

In todays economic climate, many of us have enough to worry about without our financial burdens being a concern after we have passed away. It can be a major concern to many people, who will be paying their funeral account when they pass away. That is why we have devised a funeral pre-payment plan to suit all wishes and budgets.

Why Pre-Pay A Funeral?

Once known as a Pre-Paid funeral, the modern Funeral Trust Account allows you to securely invest funds to offset some or all of the funeral account. This helps remove the financial burden your family may face at the time of death. It will also be of help to your family to know that your wishes are known by us, and that those wishes will be carried out professionally and with dignity.

Pre-Payment Details

ANZ Trust Account: We set up an account under your name in a ANZ Trust Account. The account can only be drawn on when we produce a copy of the death certificate. This means that we cannot withdraw any of that deposit until after death. A few key points to note are that:

  • Your money is in your name and is not considered a company asset.
  • We don’t charge any administration fees.

Benefits of Abraham’s Funeral Trust Account


You earn interest – All interest earned is compounding and remains yours.

The first $10,000 held in the account is excluded from asset testing when the assessment is being made for eligibility for long term care of the elderly.

Tax that may accumulate from that account is automatically paid by the Bank.

You can pay as little as you wish or up to $10,000 (not asset tested) per person.

There are NO fees, we don’t charge any administration fees.

Think About What You Want?

Some people choose to Pre-Arrange their funeral at the same time as they open a Trust Account, while others are content just in the knowledge that the financial side is taken care of.

If Pre-Arranging as well, the first thing you need to do is think about what you want your funeral service to involve. For example, where the service may be held, who will officiate at the service, what music you may like played etc.

You can then talk to us, to obtain detailed information about what options you have. From there, we can advise and assist you in your decision making, either as individuals or as a family.

Opening a Funeral Trust Account


To open an account or to talk more about our Trust Account, simply call our office on (06) 7575210 to make an appointment for a time that suits you, either at our premises or in the comfort of your own home.

You may also be interested in learning about Pre Arranging a funeral service.