Colleen L. Baird


Ritual is a part of our lives and of course some of us create our own small rituals – like that regular cup of tea or ritual life around sporting events. However, these simple rituals do not usually focus clearly on the great happiness or pain and grief, which mark particular parts of our life journey.

Gathering up our special life moments in ritual, can be about having someone like me, to take you through this significant time. It can be about marking a moment of celebration in a way that goes beyond simply bringing together a group of bereaved family, friends and relatives. It can be setting aside a special time to stop and reflect on what is happening to us and how we are feeling. I understand how positive and healing a funeral can be for the bereaved, whatever the circumstances may be, provided it speaks in a context that is honest and relevant for them. I consider it a great privilege when I am invited to be a part of such a significant occasion.

I am a founding and Validated member of the Celebrants Association of NZ, (VCANZ). I take my work seriously, do my best at all times and receive great satisfaction when people say ‘Thanks, a job well done’.