Complete Care

As part of our “Complete Care” ideal, we provide Monumental Masonry for a timeless memorial to a loved one. Employing the latest technology, we offer a range of options to ensure your design is personal and appropriate.

Headstones are permanent markers for gravesites. They commemorate an individual’s life and offer a tribute from the living to their loved one.

Ashes Options

Cremation Areas allow for the interment of Ashes and the installation of a flat plaque or small headstone. The size of these monuments is strictly controlled and therefore your design choices can be somewhat limited. These types of memorials still allow for the recording of two inscriptions, and even for small photos and traceries. You still have the freedom to choose granite colour and font style as well.

If you decide to memorialise your loved one, it’s important to give it some thought. Consider what the person would have wanted, and what suits your particular family circumstances.

Headstone Options

Headstones are permanent markers for gravesites. They commemorate an individual’s life and offer a tribute from the living to their loved one.

Headstones come in a wide range of styles and shapes. Depending on the individual Cemetery by-laws there may be restrictions on the size and height of the monument that is allowed to be installed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

All of our Headstones come with a solid granite base instead of the older style concrete and plaster bases. Granite lasts a lot longer than concrete bases and retards the growth of moss and lichen.

Designing a Memorial

Whether you are considering a small plaque or an elaborate headstone, we suggest that before committing to a particular idea, you thoroughly consider the following aspects.

Shape: The size and shape of the memorial, this may be regulated by the cemetery. Depending on the person, you may select the traditional headstone shape, or have something completely different in mind. Decide early on whether or not space may be required for a second inscription at a later date.

Colour: There are many options, black being the most common as it offers the best contrast to the inscription making it easier to read.  There are many colours from Black, Grey, Blue Pearl, Red, White and more.

Inscription: Names, dates, poems and wording that would be appropriate for your loved one. The wording of the inscription is very important – especially if there is to be a later addition.

Theme and Images: Images that reflect your loved ones pass times, these are usually engraved and painted, e.g. flowers, emblems, logos, symbols, butterflies, ceramic images etc. Alternatively you could have a photo of the person printed on long lasting ceramic.

The best place to start when choosing a monument is either talking through your ideas with us, browsing our online gallery or spending some time at the local cemetery.

The Process

Step One: Consultation

When you’re ready, come meet with us and discuss your ideas with one of our Funeral Directors. We then work with you to design something unique and special for the life you are commemorating.

Step Two: Initial Proof

You will receive a concept proof and you can take your time to consider the initial ideas and we can make any changes needed.

Step Three: Final Proof

When the concept is confirmed, we will send it to our manufacturing team
for a final proof.

Step Four: Manufacturing

Once the final proof is approved by you, we will start the manufacturing process.

Step Five: Installation

Once completed, the memorial will then be installed. The installation timing will depend on the availability of the stone chosen and complexity of the design. This process can take anywhere from four weeks to three or four months.