Ice Cream Machine

Abraham’s has a long history of supporting our community. In 2014 we celebrated 90 years in business and decided we’d look for different ways to continue that support.

From our own experiences we know how hard fundraising for Charity can be. That’s why we decided to try to make it a little easier – for us, and our community.

We decided on the Ice Cream Machine because we felt it would complement the traditional “sausage sizzle”, be easy to use and offer a high profit margin product.

So What’s The Deal

The Ice Cream Machine:

We provide you with the soft serve ice cream machine free.

When you pick it up, we’ll give you a quick run- down on how it works. There’s also instructions in a brochure and on the machine. It’s mounted on a trailer, so it’s easy to move around. It’s simple to operate and very profitable.

What do you have to do?

If you have an account with BIDFOOD, you’ll need to order and pick up the following:

  • Ice cream powder
  • Cones
  • Sprinkles & sauces etc.

If you DON’T have an account with BIDFOOD, we can supply the mix and cones at cost – please let us know when booking the machine.

You’ll also need:

  • 2 people to run the machine
  • A vehicle with a tow bar
  • Mains power (it can’t run off a generator)
  • Fresh water (both to mix the ice cream and to clean the machine afterwards)

How Much Can You Make?

The cost of enough consumables for roughly 300 serves is as follows:

  • 3kg box of soft serve mix
  • 300 Cones
  • 1kg Hundreds and Thousands
  • 2 x 200 pack of Serviettes

All available from Bidvest for about $140.00 – Ph 06 751 2260

So, if you sell all 300 cones at $2 each, you could make $460.00

Of course if you get another sponsor on board to pay for the consumables, it would all be profit.

How To Book

Bookings can be made by calling our office on 06 757 5210 or Emailing

How To Use The Ice Cream Machine

The soft serve machine is very easy to use. We recommend you start setting it up about 30 minutes before you’re due to start serving.

You’ll need to:

– Connect it to mains power (no generators)

– Turn it ON and select WASH

– Drain the sanitizer solution

– Fill hoppers with clean water and drain

– Mix up ice cream powder & fill the machine

– Press FREEZE

– Wait about 20 minutes for it to freeze

– Serve

When you’re finished for the day:

(this should only take about 30 minutes):

– Select WASH

– Drain all the ice cream mix (this can be taken home and frozen if you want)

– Fill hoppers with clean water and drain. Repeat until water runs clear (may take 3 or 4 fills).

– Turn the machine OFF

– Pack everything into the trailer and drop it back to our office.

The Dont’s

There are 3 common things that may cause damage to the machine, so please:

– DON’T try to run the machine on a generator – you must connect it to mains power.

– DON’T let the machine run on WASH cycle without any water in it. This will burn out the plastic parts.

– DON’T let either hopper run out of ice cream mix – this will cause the empty side to freeze solid and break the machine.

Good luck with your event.