Your loved one may have chosen to be cremated rather than buried, meaning you need to choose the best Crematorium to help you say goodbye. At Abraham’s Funeral Home, we have maintained exceptional quality Crematorium facilities to ensure you receive the service your loved one deserves.

Our staff handle the details of the process with empathy, compassion and professionalism, meaning you can say goodbye in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We ensure our facilities are second to none so we can be here for you when your loved one deserves your best.

A family owned business for 91 years, Abraham’s Funeral Home has maintained an exceptional standard of service and care through a mixture of the latest technology and facilities and the best trained staff in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service at every level. Contact us today to enquire about how we can help you.

Abraham’s Funeral Home Crematorium


The Remembrance Chapel and Crematorium is designed to be an intimate environment which provides the privacy and dignity people deserve while they farewell their loved one. Seating about 40 people, the facility is located at 10 Swans Rd, Bell Block – a 10 minute drive from our main Chapel and Reception area in New Plymouth.

Our Crematorium is a state-of-the-art facility, offering world-class service to our families in their time of need. Our Funeral Directors are skilled and empathetic carers with exceptional training. From the initial meeting to the final follow up to finalise logistics, our staff are ready and waiting to provide the very best customer service.

A family owned business for 91 years, Abraham’s Funeral Home has an unwavering focus on the best facilities, the best staff and the best customer service. We are here for you in your time of need. Abraham’s Funeral Home and Crematorium is for when your loved one deserves your best.

Why our Crematorium is the best choice


We offer greater time flexibility, meaning you can say farewell when you need to, not when you have to. Our Crematorium is available to only one other funeral home, meaning we can offer you a greater number of options for when your service will be conducted. This means we can fit into your schedule, and you have more flexibility.

Our funeral directors oversee the entire process, meaning you are not left to handle complicated details. From the initial meeting to finalising the last details, our friendly, caring and compassionate staff are here to guide you through the process and be your calming presence.

We maintain our Crematorium to the highest standards in the industry. By ensuring we have state-of-the-art facilities, along with our cutting edge webcasting technology, you know that wherever your family is in the world, they can join the celebration of your loved one’s life and say goodbye along with you.

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