You may choose Cremation Services for a number of reasons – perhaps it was your loved one’s wishes to be cremated, or perhaps they wanted a more cost-effective alternative for you to say goodbye with. Regardless of the reasons, our Cremation Services are handled with all the empathy, sensitivity and respect you’ve come to expect from one of the best Funeral Homes in the country.

Abraham’s Funeral Home has the very latest facilities, including a world-class crematorium and the distinguished Remembrance Chapel, available exclusively to only one other funeral home. Our Funeral Directors are highly trained to ensure that our Cremation Services are a dignified and respectful occasion.

Our Cremation Services include a basic wooden casket, a death certificate and doctor’s medical certificate, return of ashes and a five-line newspaper notice. For the very best Cremation Services, choose Abraham’s Funeral Home, for when your loved one deserves your best.

Abraham’s Cremation Services


The Remembrance Chapel and Crematorium is designed to be an intimate environment which provides the privacy and dignity people deserve while they farewell their loved one. Seating about 40 people, the facility is located at 10 Swans Rd, Bell Block – a 10 minute drive from our main Chapel and Reception area in New Plymouth.

A family owned and operated business for 91 years, Abraham’s Funeral Home prides itself on providing farewell services with dignity, empathy and compassion. We understand that this is a difficult time, and that you need an understanding and compassionate presence to help guide you through the logistics.

Our Cremation Services are tailored with this in mind. With the best facilities and the best people, we are able to provide a remembrance service your loved one deserves and the very best customer service, including follow-up support to finalise all the details.

Why Abraham’s for Cremation Services?


Our business is you – your needs, your wishes and your celebration. Everything we do is centred on providing only the very best assistance to you in your time of need. We don’t focus on flashy sales brochures and marketing pitches – we focus on having the best facilities, the best people and the best customer service we can offer.

We make the time to foster relationships, and we make the effort to stay in touch. We earn your trust by communicating with you regularly and ensuring we listen. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience and be the calming presence in a stormy environment.

Feedback is vital, which is why we open ourselves to scrutiny by our families. We conduct customer feedback surveys to ensure we are staying true to our mission of only providing the best assistance. In every aspect, we always strive to be the best provider of Cremation Services and your trusted partner in celebration of your loved one’s life.

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