Why Pre-arrange a Funeral?

Pre-arranging your funeral before the time comes allows you to note your wishes and concerns. This lets your family know exactly what you want for your funeral.

Easing the burden

If your wishes are not recorded, your family may be faced with difficult decisions. Pre-arranging makes it easier for your family.

Fulfilling your own wishes

By pre-arrranging you can have the service exactly how you want it – knowing that your wishes will be carried out.

Easing financial worries

Funerals can be expensive so planning and putting money aside can remove a lot of concern for the rest of the family.

Creating a meaningful farewell

Pre-arranging allows family and friends to move past the stress of organising and guessing your wishes, so they can start healthy grieving with a meaningful goodbye.

How To Pre-arrange A Funeral?

Start by thinking about what you want for your service:

  • Where it will be held
  • Who will officiate
  • Do you want to be buried or cremated
  • What music you would like played
  • What flowers you would like

You can then talk to us to obtain detailed information about what options you have. From there, we can advise and assist you in your decision making, either as individuals or as a family.

Pre-arranging a Funeral, pre-planning, planning a farewell

Pre-arranging Online

We have recently released an online pre-arrangement tool called My Farewell. This is an online database where you can securely store your personal preferences and information. You can also log in at any stage to change any of the details you may have entered. And best of all it’s free!

What can I do with My Farewell?

Once you create an account, you’ll be able to:

  • List your personal funeral preferences
  • Record your personal details
  • Write your own newspaper notice
  • Upload a photo
  • Get help at any stage from one of our experienced funeral directors

And remember, once you’ve created your account, you can revisit the details at any time. Click here to create your free My Farewell account.

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